Monday, October 25, 2010

Let`s fall out

Since I finished Fallout 3 - instead of studying for my MBA courses - I was looking forward to this. My first game to pre-order. Well, cool stuff comes with the collector`s edition: (A) a deck of playing cards with 50s post-apocalyptic vegas images, (B) an illustrated story to tell you happenings before game starts (C) poker chips (D) a large metal poker chip, which plays a role in the game (E) the making of the game blu-ray and (F) well, the game.

Matthew Perry voice acts the guy who shots you in the head at the very beginning of the game, along with other semi-celebs like Kris Kristofferson, Machete`s Danny Trejo. Now I`m waiting for my strategy guide to go with it, I was hoping to get the full experience - my luck, the game is full of bugs. Seems like I`ll have to wait until they release some patches, I don`t want to go nuts following a lost NPC.

I`ll let you know later how it goes and some of the ethical dilemmas the game producers are so proud of.

copyright obsidian entertainment

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