Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Start wearing purple for me now

This is not an old game. It`s a very new game, the one I`m still playing. The name is Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World. However the genre is old.

Old but gold. Hail to the one of the best genres of all gaming world: point`n click adventure. Kaptain Brawe`s similarity to Monkey Island series cannot go unnoticed; it`s so obvious that it`s almost disturbing. Nevertheless, there are some aspects making it somewhat different than the Lucasarts blockbusters.

First of all, the developer is a Croatian guy named Petar Ivancek, who actually has some weird accents and letters on his name that I wasn`t able to type with my keyboard. I like weird last names though, adds character. ehm.

Anyway, instead of the islands of Monkey Island, there are planets in Kaptain Brawe. It`s a fine, mildly funny, very well illustrated adventure, which has a fine pace and leveling system that goes from veeery easy to a what-the-hell-should-I-do-now type of difficulty. Nothing to pop your veins out though - there are hints for sissies that pick casual over hardcore gameplay in the beginning of the game.

One of the fine aspects of the game is the balanced length of the dialogues. No dialogue or monologue gives you an headache. Long dialogues are usually used as a bad trick to make short adventures longer. If it`s short, it`s short - there`s no need to turn it to a nightmare full of "eerr..what about Cortez? When did you meet him?" kind of lines. It`s short but to the point.

One drawback (or a plus for people like me) is the lack of voice acting. Everything you need is on your screen and all you hear is some effects and Eastern European tunes in the back. I say it adds character, but hey, I think weird names are cool too.

I`m not going to talk about the plot; it`s fun, the characters are funny, everything is in line with what you expect from a game like this.

I have nothing more to add - just go and play this one now; nicely done Petar (dude, his name is not even Peter, it`s Petar. ooh, he`s goood).

The game is available on Steam; pics from http://kaptainbrawe.cateia.com/